Monday, June 06, 2005

Again With The Friendly Blogger Fire...sigh

I'm going to break my recently adapted rule against waging "friendly fire" against fellow bloggers on the left on this blog.

Heck, I didn't say a word about this the other day: Great Scat. But now I will.

I've been ridiculously accused of stalking this blogger because I sent her an email after being banned from emailing her cause of a mass email I sent that greatly offended her.

This progressive blogger calls me a "wingnut troll" in her comments, yet she blocked out my url, deleted my response from her comments, banned me from her haloscan, and, even worse, left the references to the Big Brass Alliance in her post. Why does she want to taint the 300-plus bloggers who have joined the Big Brass Alliance because she took personal offense to an e-mail I wrote that had a few cuss words in it? That's not something a progressive should do, is it?

Speaking of the Big Brass Alliance. And the Downing Street (minutes) Memo. A certain A-list blogger doesn't think it's something worthy to blog about (hat tip to Tas).

But this same A-list blogger (whom I'm not naming...though it's rather obvious who it is) did link to a post "written" by Steve Gilliard today which is almost entirely (jeffgannonishly) copy-and-pasted from Salon: The News Blog.

Furthermore, the story Steve stole from Salon (yes...I'm aware he credits Salon...but he knows damn well that this is an abuse of the Fair Use Act, as usual) isn't even worth blogging about.

Why does the unmentioned A-list blogger (who I read every day even though I've criticized him) think that the Downing Street minutes aren't newsbloggy enough to write about? Why does the unmentioned A-list blogger think that getting people to sign Congressman Conyer's petition isn't newsbloggy enough to write about?

A guest blogger at the A-list blogger's blog once mentioned it weeks ago. But that's it.

But Steve Gilliard gets linked today. And Steve Gilliard thinks he's got one of the best blogs in the world. And Steve Gilliard thinks that anyone that complains about the way A-listers only link to each other is just a crappy blogger: Steve Gilliard Copy-And-Pastes Better Than Anyone Else.

But I link to Steve's blog. And I will continue to link to Steve's blog. In fact, I'm also going to add Great Scat to my blogroll list. I don't care about personal beefs...I just want us all to get together on the important things.

Why is that so hard for so many progressive/liberal/democrat bloggers to understand?

(Hope I didn't step on your toes, Tas, with this post, cause I know you're working on a post about the blog that gets at least a hundred thousand hits a day but won't talk up the Downing Street Memo. I also want to give a shout out to Jesse for also taking on the big-and-mighty Steve Gilliard who could do us all a favor and learn some humility and how to spell-check.)


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