Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Ape Man's Case For Impeachment

One of the bloggers from the Big Brass Alliance has written a post that should be linked across the entire blogosphere until it hits the mainstream media.

The Apeman breaks it down:

"Raw Story has the scoop on several more documents coming out of the UK this week, including this informal note to Blair from Blair's Karl Rove, Peter Ricketts."

From the note (I added bold print to the lines that the Ape Man chose to italicize):

"Bush would do well to de-personalise the objective- focus on elimination of WMD, and show that he is serious about UN Inspectors as the first choice means of achieving that (it is win/win for him: either Saddam against all odds allows Inspectors to operate freelyk[sic]- in which case we can further hobble his WMD programmes, or he blocks/hinders, and we are stronger ground for switching to other methods)."

More from The Apeman:

"This is the point which so far almost no one, including the blogosphere, is focusing on. Perhaps folks have forgotten (with a lot of help from Bush, who has repeatedly told false stories about this particular phase of the rush to war) that indeed Saddam did comply fully with inspections, against odds that were not in fact very long given Saddam's relevant past conduct, and allowed UN weapons inspectors access to his country's defense infrastructure (such as it existed) that was unprecedented in the history of nation-states."

"Now the press has a chance to partially redeem itself by pointing out what the newly released British documents show - that Bush cynically used UN inspections as a ploy to try to goad Hussein into defying the UN, and when Iraq in fact complied with the UN beyond anyone's wildest expectations, Bush invaded anyway, in contravention of the UN charter and thus in direct violation of Article IV of the U.S. Constitution, an impeachable offense."

Wow. I'm sure glad the Ape Man left a link on a comment on one of my posts because it's a powerful article. So powerful that if you didn't follow the last two links I left for it I'm adding a third one: link.

Spread that link all over the Internet. The Apeman's got something there.


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