Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Billy Jack's Still Kicking Ass!

(Hat tip to Mumon at Daily Kos)

Billy Jack's back. And he's ready to deliver roundhouse kicks straight to the domes of the chickenhawk neocons who have hijacked our country!

Tom Laughlin, the auteur behind the Billy Jack movies from the '70s, was profiled in yesterday's New York Times in an article written by Sharon Waxman: "Billy Jack Is Ready to Fight the Good Fight Again." For those too young to remember, Billy Jack was a pacifist who sometimes had to kick a little ass in order to defend native Americans from racist thugs and psycho biker gangs. And he got a little help from his co-star and real life wife, Delores Taylor, also a pacifist who sometimes had to resort to ass-kicking.

Billy Jack's got a Website. Billy Jack's got a blog. Billy Jack's got a new movie in the works.

Best of all, Billy Jack's on a mission to impeach Bush and bring the troops home from Iraq! Billy Jack's even got a 527 nonprofit committee: endtheiraqwar.com.

From The Times article:

"We the people have no representative of any kind," [Tom Laughlin] continued. "It's now the multinationals. They've taken over. It's no different than the 70's, but it's gotten worse. And if you use words like 'impeachment' or 'fascist' you're a nut on a soapbox."

So go listen to the Billy Jack theme song, and then check out billyjack.com and help the denim wearing hapkido master/medicine man take on the neocons so we can “Give back the oil [and] Bring home the Troops!”

(Thanks to Alfdom for correcting me on Billy Jack's fighting style.)


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