Monday, June 13, 2005

Props To Michelle Malkin

I never thought that I'd use such a title for a post but I give credit where credit is due.

Last night, I wrote a post which showed that Michelle Malkin misquoted The Nation's David Cole and took Paul Krugman's words out of context for a post at her Website: Michelle Malkin Can't Read. I also trackbacked to her Website.

Today, Malkin printed a retraction/apology and even linked to my blog: link.

Malkin crossed out most of her post, removing the David Cole part and adding the paranthetical sentence that she excluded from Krugman's column:

"Correction, 6/13: Why are we back in Iraq? points out that the quote I attributed to Cole was actually added by AlterNet. I apologize for my error and retract what I wrote about Cole (see edits above). (I also added links to Krugman's columns and expanded the quoted excerpt from his May 11 column.)"

While I obviously don't see eye-to-eye with Malkin on pretty much anything, I do commend her for making this correction. If you're going to criticize the Media, then you should be willing to apply the same standards to yourself.

I can think of a few liberal bloggers who wouldn't have done the same. And the fact that Malkin used the word "apologize" should also be noted.

I guess I'll apologize, too. Since the title of my post was called "Michelle Malkin Can't Read" and this proves that she can (not that I really meant that...just some blogger snark).

Tas from Loaded Mouth emailed me this picture to mark the occasion, so I'm posting it in jest:


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