Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Some Dems Say Fuck The Poor

Two different New York City groups (who I'm not naming) affilliated with the Democrat Party have invited me to attend parties in honor of a progressive candidate for office (who I'm also not naming at this time) that I fully endorse.

But I can't go.

Because I'm broke.

These groups just don't get it. Most progressives don't earn the kind of money to attend these "open house" parties. These groups don't help the Democrat Party or progressive causes when they shut out the poor and the disenfranchised: the people that they're supposed to be fighting for.

Then they wonder why there are not enough black faces in attendance (I'm white). Then they wonder why they can't attract enough youth.

I know that candidates for office need money. I know that it costs money to throw parties to pay for food and such. But if progressive groups want to attract more people and gain more power they should realize that most of the people in their tent can only offer time, not money.

Let the Republicans do this shit.

There are plenty of people in our side that have the means and are perfectly WILLING to pay a little bit more so that the costs can be covered. If I had it I would, but I don't so I'm just shut out.

Groups on our side should ALWAYS allow working class and poor people to attend their events. Groups associated with the Democrat Party shouldn't lock their doors against the poor and working class.

When I complain about this, I'm told that I'm welcome to attend future events that don't cost any money. Or, even worse, I'm told that I can WORK at the event if I want to attend.

These people just don't get it.

One day, they'll learn. Or - one day - people that understand the economic situation of most progressives will be running these organizations.

This is why we lose. Our side seems to only care about you if you have disposable income.

In the future, I'm going to name names when I get invited to another "open house" party that's supposed to be working for us.

It's just plain wrong...and stupid...and elitist.


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