Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Steve Gilliard Post

Why bother blogging? No one can blog as great as the mighty Steve Gilliard. While some of us bloggers waste hours and hours researching and editing, Steve Gilliard - King Blogger of All Bloggers - just copies-and-pastes from the mainstream media, then adds a snarky short paragraph or two with a couple of curse words to prove that he don't play around.

In homage to the mighty Steve Gilliard, I've decided to rename my blog for the next 24 hours. Nope. It ain't April Fool's Day. It's Steve Gilliard Day. Steve Gilliard rules.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bloomberg is up in polls

We hate him less Newsday/NY1 Poll: NYers like Mike BY DAN JANISON STAFF WRITER June 7, 2005

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's approval ratings jumped dramatically in the weeks since his campaign prepared and launched a multimillion-dollar ad blitz on TV, radio and the Internet, a new poll suggests. Fifty-seven percent of those interviewed for the Newsday/NY 1 survey said they generally approve of the job Bloomberg is doing, while 33 percent said they do not and 10 percent did not give an opinion. ............................ If the election were held now, Bloomberg would beat the Democratic front-runner, Fernando Ferrer, 46 to 39 percent, the poll found. In March, it was Ferrer 49 and Bloomberg 35. Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields would lose 45 to 36 percent, the poll found, while Bloomberg would beat Council Speaker Gifford Miller 47 to 34 percent and U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner 47 to 33 percent.

While Bloomberg has benefitted from the disorganization which followed the Diallo flap, he still doesn't have the election sewn down by any means. The key constituency will be black voters. Ferrer fucked up badly over the Diallo case and has yet to recover. His election hangs on this. People want a reason to vote against Bloomberg, but instead, Ferrer gave them a reason to vote against him. Writing off the Dems so early would be a mistake, because this poll shows one thing: whoever wins the black vote wins City Hall. Ferrer's fall came because black voters fled from him, and any return will be because black voters return to him.


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