Sunday, June 19, 2005

T Is For Torture, B Is For Bullshit

The New York Times has an article entitled "Iraqis Found in Torture House Tell of Brutality of Insurgents" written by Sabrina Tavernise.

How convenient for all the wingnuts who are upset about the non-stop coverage (non-stop if you count Michael Jackson coverage, too, since he once wrote a song called "Torture") of alleged torture committed by the U.S. Military.

Sorry, wingnuts, but this story doesn't pass the smell test.

From the fifth paragraph:

""They kill somebody every day," said Mr. Fathil, whose hands were so swollen he could not open a can of Coke offered to him by a marine. "They've killed a lot of people.""

From the sixteenth paragraph:

"Mr. Fathil did not know there were other hostages. He found out only after the captors left and he was able to remove the tape from his eyes."

To spell it out:

Mr. Fathil was blindfolded the whole time and didn't know that he was sharing a "torture chamber" with other hostages, but he was able to tell that they killed someone every day.


(UPDATE: Eric Umansky - not a wingnut - disagrees with this post, check out his blog to read another opinion: FYI: It's not just our guys that torture people.)


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