Wednesday, June 01, 2005

We Apologize, Mr. Gannon/Guckert

On behalf of the entire left-leaning blogosphere, I'd like to apologize to Jeff Gannon for mercilessly destroying his voluntary career as a plagiarist...I mean journalist.

As Jeff Gannon proudly asserts at his eponymous blog: "VINDICATION! NOT FAKE, NOT PLANT, NOT SHILL!" The proof is on videotape. Jeff passed a Focker test on PAX-TV's "Lie Detector" show.

I'm throwing Jeff a link to his blog since I'm swiping this link that he posted to a real player video of his appearance: Vindication.

So how about it, MSM? Jeff Gannon's a great plagiarist....I mean journalist....and now that he's been "vindicated" on national sort-of t.v. it's only fair that we let him get back to his rightwingful place at the White House press briefings. Do it for Scotty. Scotty's been having a rough time the last couple of weeks with even crappy reporters like Terry Moran going at him.

Everyone knows that lie detector tests aren't admissible in court. But surely the court of public opinion will "vindicate" Jeff Gannon now that he's incontrovertibly "proven" his independence.

Give the guy a break, ferchrissakes. Let Jeff Gannon/Guckert get back to his hard-hitting plagiarism....I mean journalism.

Now that the book is closed on Propagannon, perhaps we can book some Bush Administration officials on PAX-TV's "Lie Detector" show. Us liberals have been spending an awful lot of time blogging about the Downing Street Memo but if we could just get a key neo-con or two to go on the show and prove that we're barking up the wrong tree then we could get on with our lives.

Three cheers for Jeff Gannon/Guckert/Bulldog!

Don't we all look like fools now?


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