Sunday, June 05, 2005

Welcome Back, Michael

The following comment was left on my last post:

"This story got me out of retirement. I'm laughing my ass off at these people being so wrong and now trying to change the context of the story. This is the Mel Martinez memo story all over again." Michael Hussey | Homepage | 06.05.05 - 6:44 pm.

Michael, a fellow member of the Progressive Bloggers Alliance, recovered from his bad case of Ted Barlow Disease, and seems to be back in business (well...the non-paying blogging business). His blog is called Last Day of My Life, and if you've never visited him before make sure you take a peek, at least, cause he kicks major ass.

I love Michael because he's no groupthinker and he's not afraid to stand alone once in a while. And - like me and not too many others, sadly - if he screws up (once in a rare, rare, rare while) Michael immediately posts a correction.

Welcome back, buddy.


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