Tuesday, July 12, 2005

After Downing Street

After Downing Street's David Swanson posted an article which points out how the mainstream media is failing to connect the dots between the probable leak by Karl Rove and the "extensive campaign to deceive the media, the public, and the Congress about the justifications for an unjustifiable war" which is more-than-suggested in the Downing Street minutes and memos: "Dragging the Media Down Downing Street."

"So, AfterDowningStreet.org has decided to organize events all over the country on that three-year anniversary, Saturday, July 23, in an effort to create a public discussion, as well as to gather yet more signatures on Congressman Conyers' letter, promote support for the Resolution of Inquiry and the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation, and to spread the word about an investigative trip to London that Congressman Conyers is planning for next month."

"Over 150 public forums, town-hall meetings, dramatic recreations of the Downing Street Minutes, house parties, and study circles have been planned for July 23rd."

Find out more at After Downing Street and see how you can help get the word out and push for more answers.

The only caveat I have with this article is that I still don't think it's quite time to blame the July 7th attacks on anyone, just yet. I've posted articles that raise questions, but the truth is that the investigation has just started and I think we should all wait a little bit before we jump to conclusions.

If the London bombings were connected to al Qaeda or Iraq (the latter seems even more unlikely, now), then, by all means, the flypaper theory is pretty much shattered. But until we know for sure, I think it's best to pose questions instead of hurling accusations. But, again, I'm in the minority on this. It's a shame that so many people are always in such a rush to politicize.

I'm not attacking anyone on the left for this, certainly not David Swanson who I respect and admire and thank for his long hours of hard work, but it does kind of bug me that certain bloggers pick and choose which "conspiracy theories" to posit.

Because, let's face it, without any evidence to link Iraq or al Qaeda to the London bombings, by bringing up flypaper you're guilty of the same crimes which you're trying to purge from your Websites.

One blogger (and buddy of mine), ~A! from Watching the Watchers, is so upset about the purges going on at two prominent left-leaning Websites, that he's going to add Scoop to his blog, and allow anyone to post whatever they want there. Find out more here (well...I guess the new site redesign has started...so go ahead and post your first diaries...say whatever you want to say...get mad as hell and tell 'em you're not going to take it anymore or just make us laugh).


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