Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ari Fleischer Lied About Bush's SOTU Speech

The latest article by ePluribus Media hit the blogosphere a few hours ago, and it may just be the biggest story that we've worked on, so far.

A few weeks ago, the brilliant writer and researcher Todd Johnston started a thread at the ePluribus research Website that blew all of us away. Many of us had studied the July 11th press gaggle with Condoleezza Rice and Ari Fleischer, which is strangely missing from the Website and has become a focus of intention for the Patrick Fitzgerald investigation into the Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame leak, over and over and over again, but Todd Johnston was the one who realized that there was something really significant about it: that Condi told the truth about how the infamous 16 words were inserted into President Bush's State of the Union speech and that a few days later Ari Fleischer lied about it in a press briefing.

The official ePluribus Website hasn't been launched yet (soon, I'm told), but - for now - "Ari's Lies/Condi's Truth Telling: An Analysis" can be read at Daily Kos and Booman Tribune (special thanks to Booman for front paging it).

Here's a list of the other incredible people at ePluribus Media who contributed research to this story, and who I'm psyched to have worked with for...jeez...five months now: Susie Dow, Zan, silence, intranets, luaptifer, kfred, irishsprite, jeninRI, sawcielackey, wanderindiana, biblio, bronxdem, SusanG, madhat, Cho, standingup, NYBri, Penny Century, DEFuning, Sue.


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