Sunday, July 03, 2005

Fuck Bono

(Updated July 4th at 10 AM)

So I'm watching the rebroadcast of Live 8, and I'm especially waiting to see Kanye West and Jay-Z perform (I heard they tore it up). And then a PSA with Bono comes on immediately after U2's set and a song by Bjork from the Japan show.

Bono says "What is our generation going to be known for?"

"The Internet. Yes."

"The war on terror. Yes."

The war on terror?

As in Iraq?

So, let me get this straight. The performers aren't allowed to bring up Iraq or diss President Bush, but Bono offers soundbites pushing neocon propaganda (see part one: "Fuck Bob Geldof").

And as my Irish roommate remarked, Bono's going against his own people. The I.R.A. have been singled out many times during Bush's "war on terror" which has failed to find Osama bin Laden and has turned Iraq into a hotbed of terrorism activities.

Our generation will be remembered for being suckered by a lying administration that does whatever the fuck it wants, tramples on human rights, slaughters innocents, tortures falsely detained prisoners, and sacrifices our troops who are improperly outfitted and armored, all in the name of a "war on terror."

Fuck Bono.

UPDATE: My favorite blogger on the right, Ala at blonde sagacity (permalinked on my blogroll as "be nice, she's cool"), who hails from Philadelphia, has a post about Live 8. I don't agree with all of her post - especially the part about Bono - but this is along the lines of what I've also been wondering (link):

"How the hell is this helping the people of Africa? I am not being facetious –this is a serious question. They charged $35 admission for Live Aid (and that was A LOT of money back then)...but this is free. And though the coverage looked and felt like a telethon --it wasn't. So, help me out here. How is Bon Jovi in his brown Zorro shirt and mustard yellow pants playing for free helping HIV+ Africans?"

I owe Ala a humongous meme she tagged me with, which I'll get to soon then sadistically pass on to some unlucky bloggers.

And I'd like to thank Kryten for replacing the comments from the temporary blogger comment section and posting them to my haloscan. I also added all of the other ones that had vanished. Now we can continue the conversation about Judith Miller that took place at this post.

Coming Attractions: The Ann Coulter article I mentioned on Saturday has been delayed until Wednesday because I need to do some more research. The endless "'Spikes of Activity' in the DSM" article also will be updated in a few days. Speaking of which, I also have two new Downing Street memo related posts that should be finished soon.

Though I haven't posted much this holiday weekend I've been working hard the whole time. But my motto is to serve no posts before its time.

Happy 4th!


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