Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Markos' Secret Affair

Markos of Daily Kos wrote this yesterday.

In a fortuitious coincidence, I have just finished interviewing a long-time California political writer here in Berkeley who says that Kos is absolutely having an affair with Joe Trippi.

Both are married, but I sure as hell would never bring their children into it.

Well, quite obviously, this is not true, and even if it were I wouldn't take the word of a gossip column and a undisclosed source and confuse that with evidence, and I probably wouldn't blog about it in the first place.

My only question is: Will Markos' blogger friends that form his political action committee, Blogpac, ignore him, defend him, or - yeah, right - condemn him?

What a despicable thing to post. What a lack of responsibility. What a fine way to make the left look like the looney right wingers who used the politics of personal destruction to try to impeach President Clinton.

This is the kind of shit that Karl Rove does.

I hope Turd Blossom sues him.

(I want to give mad props to all the people at Daily Kos who have criticized Markos for posting this drivel. And, just to be clear, it's not the gossip link that's way out of bounds, it's Markos' words at the end. Hopefully, the Kossacks who complained won't get purged from the site, like other Kos critics have.)


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