Saturday, July 02, 2005

O'Connor's Replacement?

I can't confirm this, but anything's possible.

Brad Blog might have the scoop on President Bush's nominee to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court.

All I can confirm is that this most probably improbable candidate is part left wing and part right wing. But if he's not pro-choice then even that won't be good enough for me: link.

BREAKING (love that word): Along with a major update to the "Spikes of Activity In The DSM" article that should be done tomorrow, I've got a story set to be posted sometime after midnight which is along the lines of stuff that I've uncovered before (think J.G.).

Six hours later:'s bigger than I thought...and just when I finished the post...two things hit me. So, I'm not ready to post this yet...because I need to look into those two areas...but it should be up tomorrow. And it will be worth the wait to the handful of readers who are waiting.

Update: Story's even bigger...and it's not just Ann Coulter who I'm implicating (as a follow-up to The Rude Pundit's article). I still have more research to do, including a trip to the New York Public Library which doesn't open until Tuesday, but, again, it'll be more than worth the wait. Good stuff. Really good stuff.


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