Friday, July 08, 2005

Repulsive Right Wingers

I took a long spin through the blogosphere and I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only left-leaning blogger who - pretty much - decided to refrain from posting about the political ramifications of the London bombings yesterday.

Ryan Fenno (a friend of mine, who helped me on a few of the Talon News plagiarism stories) posted this at Liberal Avenger:

"Out of respect for the 7/7 victims, we must all resist the temptation to spin this story for political points. This, like 9/11, is a day that transcends politics. We all know where our outrage should be focused, and I refuse to let the voices of a few reactionary netizens tarnish that."

And those right wingers sure did.

There's a great diary at Daily Kos written by a Kossack named lowkell entitled "Round Up all Muslims, Liberals and other Traitors" which has links to all the right wing offenders.

Some right wingers tried to do the same to the left yesterday. And I saw a few posts by some bigger bloggers that I thought should've waited at least a day or two once we learned more...but the right wingers resorted to reprinting comments by anonymous users, for the most part. Lowkell's diary lists people we've actually heard of.

Daffydd from Captain's Quarters made Lowkell's list with this line:

"We, Brit and American, will finish the job. There is a reason that English-speaking people have dominated the world for centuries..."

Nice, huh.

Daffydd is retarded, racist and repulsive and he certainly doesn't speak the same language that I do, and this blog has become a cesspool of unproven conspiracy theories to discredit the left (Captain Ed is the captain in charge of this stinking ship that should be sinking).

Here's some more from daffydd on the significance of the July 7th London bombings:

"Of all people in the world, the British are most like us, deep down. Yes, they have been hampered by such close propinquity with Europe and Europeanism. But when it comes down to it, the British are not Europeans."

"They are Brits."

And this is the whole paragraph that lowkell took the line from, not that this wretch was taken out of context or anything:

"We, Brit and American, will finish the job. There is a reason that English-speaking people have dominated the world for centuries: there is something noble in our culture that will not allow us to give up or give in, an idealistic fever to "let justice be done, though Heaven should fall.""

What kind of hate will this hate produce?


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