Tuesday, July 05, 2005

That P Word Again

I'm about to head off to the New York Public Library in order to finish the article that I mentioned a few days ago. The Rude Pundit wrote a post about Ann Coulter plagiarizing her last article, and I looked into it and found much, much more to add to this story.

Meanwhile, back on the blogosphere ranch, a story that I wrote on June 29th, oddly enough, is very similiar to stories posted here, here and here.

Of course, I can't prove it.

But I will note that when you google the subject's name, my story is the third destination, and a few days ago it was number one: google search.

And I will also mention that the same person that is connected with the second and third heres linked to above hails from the Netherlands, and "coincidentally" I got a hit last night from a google search on the subject's name from the Netherlands.

I've been plagiarized before, a few times, and I made a big stink about it (on this blog and all over the Internet). I guess things never change.

I always give credit where credit is due. It's sad that others are unscrupulous.

But, again, it certainly is ironic that a blogger who has done a lot of work uncovering plagiarism by the right gets ripped off himself from the left.

Synchronicity or plagiarism, you be the judge. All I know is, that as an investigative blogger I use Google as a tool and I assume that other bloggers and Internet writers do the same.

I'm off to do research.



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