Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Election Reform 2005 Part 3

I have more to report about yesterday's election in Ohio, but, for now, I'd like to showcase the very different views of two A-list liberal blogs.


"But it's still rather remarkable how often the lightning seems to strike in Clermont -- and at the just the right time, producing just the right amount of votes for an otherwise endangered GOP candidate. Like I said, I'd feel a lot better about it if the party stalwarts who run the county's elections were describing the inner workings of the system to a grand jury -- under oath."

"At a minimum, it would be nice if the Hackett campaign would explain the basis for its conclusion that yesterday's humidity-related "malfunction" was just that -- instead of another demonstration of what Hackett on the campaign trail liked to call the Ohio GOP's "culture of corruption." Maybe the Democrats had election observers at everybody's elbow during the Clermont count. If so, I'd like to know. Even if I did only give the guy $50, there's still no harm in asking."

"Nor is there any reason to be defensive about raising the question. After Florida 2000, Ohio 2004, and everything that's come light since then about the Rovian death grip on power, it doesn't seem too tinfoilish to wonder whether the GOP's approach to close elections in Ohio isn't the same as the party's approach to close votes on the House floor -- in which the count is held open until the leadership gets the result it wanted."

Billmon links to some pretty interesting accounts about what may have happened in Clermont County yesterday, so make sure you check out his full post.

Daily Kos (I'm posting the entire article written by Armando since it's rather short...but the comments at DKos are worth reading, as well):

"Let me be the first asshole to tell you that bullshit fraud theories and bullshit conspiracy theories are not welcome."

"Markos has said it. He means it."

"I believe tonight was a great night and a sign that a Fighting Dem Party can and will take back the Congress in 2006."

"I don't want to hear baseless theories on fraud and other nonsense. I think, no, I know markos feels the same way."

"You want to waste your time, do it somewhere else."

"My tip jar will be the fraudster's chance to troll rate me. Cuz once you start diarying your cock and bull fraud theories, markos will show you the door. With my applause in the background."


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