Tuesday, August 30, 2005

God Loves Intellectual Conservatives

Ran across this year-old review at a Website called Intellectual Conservative for the beast-selling book, "The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing The Principal Threat To Religious Freedom Today."

At the end of the book review (don't even waste your time reading that paranoiac self-loathing gobblygook) there is a note from the authors, Alan Sears and Craig Osten, taken from the book (note: I added the boldface moments):

"While this book deals with a difficult and contentious issue, we want to state up front that both authors and the ministry of the Alliance Defense Fund have nothing but respect, compassion, and sensitivity toward those ensnared in homosexual behavior. Both of us have family members, respected acquaintances, and friends who have been trapped in this behavior and know something of the incredible pain and sorrow it has brought to them and their families. With God's grace we carefully balance this love and respect for these individuals with warnings about the carrying out, promotion, and demand for legal approval for homosexual behavior that will stifle religious freedom and trap millions of more people in its deadly grip."

God loves intellectual conservatives who display such "respect, compassion, and sensitivity."


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