Saturday, August 20, 2005

More To Come On MEI

There might not be a blog update for another day or two because I've been busy doing some more digging into Middle East Institute, the subject of my last post: "Under Auspices of Middle East Institute."

Plus it's my birthday on Sunday and I've been dragging a bit because of it.

(Off topic: I wanted to draw attention to a recent editorial written by Paul Krugman at The New York Times about the urgent need for significant election reform called "What They Did Last Fall" but I guess I'll just throw a link to Lambert's post at Corrente on it. I mostly agreed with Krugman's column but I would have added something - as you can probaby guess - about the A-list blogs' deafening silence on the subject, except for the excellent bloggers at Brad Blog, Corrente, The Booman Tribune, Cannonfire and, of course, Raw Story, where I also toil as a researcher.)


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