Sunday, August 28, 2005

Since I Got Nothing, Go...

Go check out Boadicea to find out how many members of the Bush administration does it take to change a light bulb?

Go check out Pam's House Blend to see how a cellphone camera can be handier than a can of mace.

Go check out Pressthink to see no matter how hard Jay Rosen tries to get some folks on the right to discuss what steps the press can take to win them back, all they can do is harp on and on and on and on about delusional liberal media bias. It would be nice if one of the wingnuts could stop to explain how a press which refused to ask hard questions before the invasion of Iraq qualifies as liberal but most are too busy regurgitating Swift Boat lies about Senator Kerry.

As Professor Rosen writes:

"The bias discourse, however justified you may find it, is making many of you dumber by the day. You should be concentrating on getting more of your people into the mainstream media, and making great journalists out of them. And you should be discussing the bias the press should, in your considered view, have."

"Instead you have driven yourself into a logic loop. Deep down, you don’t believe in an objective press. Deep down you don’t believe our press is objective."

It's sad, really.

The man devotes so much time and effort trying to promote dialogue between the right and the left and four or five wackadoos have hijacked this nearly one-of-a-kind forum.

Fine, wackadoos, you believe the mainstream media is liberally biased. We get it. We don't agree, but your message has been received loud and garbled. Can you do anything but complain about it?

It's a broken fucking record, already.

I'm not a fan of bannings from blogs, but it seems to me that there are at least five dummies that deserve to be banned from Pressthink. Their only goal is to goad Rosen's predominately left-leaning readers into battles that no one can win because these wackadoos can never concede.

I fucking hate arguing with someone who can't concede on anything. It's pointless. If you can't admit when you've been proven wrong then you don't deserve to be listened to.

I've always loved the comments part of Jay's posts but enough is enough. How can you have a rational discussion about the media with someone named antimedia who annoyingly boldfaces random words to punctuate his long-debunked liberal conspiracy theories? Antimedia is the Clubber Lang of the blogosphere, proclaiming himself the greatest to an audience that didn't come to see him, all-the-while pitying us fools who are liberal or are connected in any way to the media.'s Antimedia's silly blog: Media Lies. Go and check it out since Antimedia claims to be a listener (even though he's been proven wrong on countless Pressthink forums by regulars such as Steve Lovelady and Weldon Berger):

"I allow comments, so you can prove that I've gotten my facts wrong, and I will correct the articles and give you prominent credit. I defy anyone to read what I've written and find anything substantial wrong with it, and I can assure you it will not agree at all with the "official" media versions."

Or don't waste your time at all.

Me...I'm going to Loaded Mouth because Tas is back.


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