Monday, September 12, 2005

CNN: 43 x 39% = 9/11

We can thank RUMMYisFROSTED, a poster at Democratic Underground, for noticing the picture that was attached to an article at CNN's Website and wondering "what's this crap?"

For a story entitled "Poll: Bush approval at 39 percent" the CNN Webmasters decided this picture would best illustrate the rapidly declining popularity of a President who never admits his mistakes nor fixes them:

Just in case CNN hasn't completely sold out - and this is just a case of a bored Webmaster who's hoping to get a job with Karen Hughes - and ends up removing this picture which evokes 9/11 in the same way that the official spin doctors do every stinking time the news turns sour for President Bush, I've taken a screenshot for the sake of posterity (and the sake of forever rubbing CNN's face in it):

If the photo isn't switched make sure to bring this up the next time a wingnut calls CNN liberally biased and anti-Bush. Not that it will matter, of course. But sometimes it just feels good to know that you're reality-based. CNN isn't really right or just plain sucks.


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