Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Few Good Links

(I'm working on a few things so I probably won't get to finish the update to the Associated Press and military press release stories...but here's a few links...and I'll probably add more later on...feel free to leave a link in the comments)

Lukery at wotisitgood4 discovers some weird "parallels" between the corresponding government responses to the flooding of New Orleans and the tragic sinking of the Kursk, the Russian nuclear submarine, in 2000.

Michael Hussey at Last Day of My Life kind of gives the idea that African American voters - for multiple reasons - won't be missing the recently departed Chief Justice Rehnquist.

Mixter at Mixter's Mix has some strong words for Barbara Bush.

TCF at ThatColoredFellasweblog actually agrees with La Shawn Barber for the first time.

The Liberal Avenger found a shirt for sale at eBay that Michael D. Brown probably won't be bidding on.

The Dark Wraith warns bloggers not to ignore the story about the Chinese journalist sent to prison for ten years possibly with the aid of Yahoo.

Jude at Iddybud transcribed the lyrics to George Bush's country song "Guitarin' While NOLA Burns."


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