Friday, September 16, 2005

Goodbye To X

I decided to remove a link from my blogroll.

It's a link that I've prominently displayed on this blog ever since I started nearly two years ago.

It's a link that I didn't remove five months ago even though the blogger ripped off one of my articles, and, basically, plagiarized me.

Even before that incident I had been reading the blog infrequently. Since the incident I've hardly read it at all.

Hell. The main reason I kept it so high on my link list was because hardly any one on the left dares link to it so I kind of dug wearing it like a tin foil badge.

But since he (or she) decided to post an article yesterday, a very half-assed article, which isn't so very different from one I wrote a few weeks ago (and referred to in the last post), full of links to blogs other than this one, I decided enough's enough.

You've just been x'ed out, dude.


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