Monday, September 12, 2005

No More Light of Reason?

I received an email from Deb of the Progressive Blogger Union alerting me to the travails of Arthur Silber, who blogs at The Light of Reason.

Arthur's got some health problems, mounting financial debts, and may be facing eviction. And in his latest post - "Indefinite Leave" - appears to be packing it in.

I've only been reading his blog for about a month or two, on a recommendation from my friend, Lukery, from wotisitgood4, but it's definitely one of the better blogs in this buckless biz. Arthur's got a great voice, possesses amazing insight, and is an awesome digger.

From Deb's email:

Any one who wants to help Arthur Silber from The Light of Reason should direct their help through Crooks and Liars:

John Amato (C&L): I will collect the donations for Arthur. Use paypal or AMazon on my site and in the message put in " For Arthur" and I'll get it to him.

Anyway...I think some of my non-elitist-A-list-blog readers will appreciate this part of what might be Arthur's last post...cause it sounds kind of familiar:

"Some of the bloggers who make decent amounts of money through ads write what I will politely call swill. Sometimes it’s even vicious racist filth. And they make a living at it. I’ve offered something different. I won’t even call it “better.” Let’s simply say what I write is “different.”"


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