Sunday, September 11, 2005

Republicans Say The Darndest Things

...was the original title for the new article that I have up at Raw Story which the mighty editor switched to "Cheney quip adds fuel to Katrina politics."

What can I say.

It's tough for an often over-opinionated blogger to make the jump to more level-headed journalism without giving up the snark.

And, of course, my title was a play on the title of a book written by Bill Cosby, who has been responsible for a couple of doozies himself the last few years.

The article spotlights a series of "insensitive" soundbites delivered by high profile Republicans regarding Hurricane Katrina evacuees, including the latest from Vice President Cheney:

"They're all very thankful where they find themselves right now."

The mighty editor also made a slight change to my last line which - at least I think - is too good to slip into oblivion, though it's definitely more blog-worthy:

If the Republicans keep it up, the next time they take a "step into the swamp" it might be shocking if they're not greeted with the f word.


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