Saturday, September 10, 2005

United Mercs Of America

The Dark Wraith presents a Special Analysis Report: Let Slip the Mercenaries to Our Shores which explores America's history of hiring mercernaries for some of its "dirty little wars" in light of the recent news that "Blackwater USA, a Moyock, N.C., security services firm" has sent about 150 mercs to the New Orleans region (and they're not the only private security company patrolling the post-Katrina wasteland as noted in the linked Washington Times article...though I should add a caveat since this is the Moonie Times).

Dark Wraith makes note of a disturbing theory regarding the use of "soldiers of fortune" by our government in "military zones":

"The importance of such private contractors has varied from war to war, and there is considerable dispute about their criticality in the Pentagon's current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It has been suggested that one important role they play is not in their limited combat configuration, but rather in the lack of transparency in their operations, and most importantly, in their casualty rates. Recognizing that deaths of military personnel in wars can have political consequences on the home front, transferring at least part of the death rate to private resources that do not have to disclose such information relieves the Pentagon of some of the backlash that would otherwise result from American personnel being killed, particularly as a war becomes less popular domestically and opposition to the war zeroes in on such matters as the number of service men and women dying and being severely wounded."

Well, at least now, CNN and company will be able to be there to report if anything happens. But will they?


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