Friday, October 07, 2005

Jeff Gannon Nominated for SCOTUS

Harriet E. Miers is a Jeff Gannon.

Meaning...she's a plagiarist.

Don't thank me for busting this one...I had nothing to do with it (I was asleep at the wheel).

All the credit goes to fellow ePluribus Media member, MKT, one of the best investigative bloggers that there is.

Check out "Harriet Miers: Was there plagiarism at" at the ePluribus scoop Website to read more about how a Supreme Court nominee stole somone else's words and pawned them off as her own at the Ask The White House forum at

Also, the main Website for ePluribus Media is now online: link (and very, very soon a number of articles I worked on will be published there...more later on that...).


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