Monday, October 10, 2005

Jeff, Just Admit It

Dear Jeff Gannon,

Although I've been a thorn in your side for nearly nine months at this blog; with ePluribus Media at Daily Kos and Booman Tribune; and at Raw Story; you should remember that I have also passionately defended your private lifestyle choices as your own business and I have loudly critized the ardent homophobia that has been spouted by lefties that should know better.

I'm not your friend. But I do want to help you.

Jeffy, you need to come out.

Admit you are a plagiarist.

Admit that you are a plagiarist and you might not be a recipient of one of the fabled 22 indictments that Patrick Fitzgerald may be preparing.

Jeff, just admit it.

You plagiarized the Wall Street Journal when you asked that question of Joe Wilson, and it's high time you admit it (if you haven't already admitted so to the grand jury).


Even if you admit to not really being a part of could still be in trouble.

Because if you told the Feds that you couldn't answer any questions without giving up a source then you lied and broke the law. It's called impeding an investigation.

But...maybe...just maybe...Fitzgerald will go easy on you since you've had such a rough year.

Jeff, just admit it.

It's time to come clean.


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