Monday, October 17, 2005

Last But Not Least At

(Updated 10/18/05 at 3:45 PM)

From the Washington section at the New York Times Website: "Bloggers Discuss the Miller Case:

The following headlines, published in the past 24 hours, link to posts by bloggers that discuss Judith Miller and The Times. These posts are listed in order of popularity

Lo and behold!

At the very bottom - the least popular blog on the list - is little old me:

Why Are We Back In Iraq? Judith Miller 'Wasn't' or Didn't "More to chew on. The Wall Street Journal - almost - gets to the bottom of the where, when and why did Judith Miller testify a second time before the grand jury. How? By talking to her."


Howard Kurtz at the blog-friendly Washington Post refers to the blog round-up page at the normally-blog-unfriendly New York Times in "The Judy War":

The Times does a cool thing --it posts a page of bloggers tackling the Miller case, including those who are ripping the paper.

Why did The New York Times do this? (I should note that us bloggers were only featured on the Website...not in the paper itself).

I believe it's because they are trying to make amends for the Judy affair...and are on the verge of trying to create distance.

There is no effing way that Judy's gonna go back to work for The New York Times.

You can take that to the bank.

(I neglected to give a shout-out to Rox Populi and The Heretik, two bloggers who - along with me - belong to the Progressive Blog Alliance and the Big Brass Alliance, which was formed to help get the Downing Street Memo - or memos - the attention it deserved. Both are friends of mine...and both are witty, incisive bloggers. Also, first on The New York Times list and first on my must-read blog list was Jay Rosen of Press Think.)

It would be nice if this were the beginning of a beautiful relationship between The New York Times and bloggers.

But I highly doubt it.

It probably won't be long before The Times lets Tom Zeller Jr. write another front page "expose" on how us bloggers suck.


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