Sunday, November 20, 2005

Blogroll Purge

The free ride is over.

Let's just say I've developed a sort of reputation for decrying certain practices of certain A-list bloggers. Here, there, and everywhere and anywhere I have cried out about how important links are and how the right make better use of them.

The right-leaning side of the blogosphere is far more organized and together than the left.

Want proof?

Check out the topics page for Iraq at Truth Laid Bear. Next to each blog title there is a number listed in paranthesis. That number stands for how many links each of the biggest posts of the last day or so received.

As usual, the right-leaning blog posts dwarf the left-leaning blog posts in the number of links earned.

At this writing, a post entitled "A Brief History of a Long War" at Mudville Gazette reigns in first place with 64 blogs linking to it. Those 64 links give weight to this post which was written as a response to Bush Administration critics who have attempted to "rewrite" the history of the war in Iraq.

The majority of the next 10 most linked posts are devoted to the House showdown on the GOP sponsored resolution to make Democrats look bad. All 10 are from right-leaning blogs and total from 13-47 links each.


Fuck it. I give up. No one wants to listen. No one wants to organize.

I am removing every blog from my roll that has never linked to me.

And you know what that will mean?

Mostly B-to-Z-list blogs will be affected. I have been linked in the past by most of the A-list blogs at least once (including 4 times in the last 2 weeks) so the Eschatons and Americablogs will remain linked but it's the smaller bloggers that aren't doing their fair share of the load (the 4 posts I wrote that were big enough and important enough to earn A-list links last week got hardly any linkage from the littler blogs).

By having such an enormous blogroll I have hurt my blog because it takes longer for my site to load and my Google ranking is affected by smaller blogs pulling it down (my 6 might turn into a 7 when I finish the purge).

I plan to visit each link once before I remove it. And if I accidently cut off someone who's linked to me...leave a comment or send me an email.

One day the left will learn the importance of links. One day.

(The Last Straw Why: My last post, More On Cheney and Woodward, contains stuff that no other Woodward Plame leak bloggers have but who would know except the small loyal audience that I have?)


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