Saturday, December 24, 2005

Best Blogs of 2005

Call this a working top 10 post. I'm gonna name the blogs now, but fill in the reasons why (with links to my favorite posts from each respective blog) throughout the weekend.

Except for the first pick (which is a no-brainer), the blogs aren't listed in order of preference (and I visit at least 7-8 of these blogs every single day).

And unlike last year I'm not picking myself so that leaves out WAWBII as well as Raw Story (which arguably isn't a blog anyway) and ePluribus Media.

And there are no prizes for winners just cyber pats on the back.

Press Think

Loaded Mouth


The Common Ills

wot is it good 4

big brass blog

booman tribune

The Brad Blog


Daily Kos

Honorable Mentions

the farmer's one of my faves but since he's not with his old crew anymore they didn't make the cut - but still got a link in this post so what the hey...but check out the farmer's most recent post at harry dogwater )~ to see how he makes MSNBC look as silly as silly can be.

In terms of how often I go to each blog - if for no other reason: Eschaton and Crooks and Liars. I go to Atrios' blog because I have to; but too many empty threads and too few brilliant posts these days hardly even qualifies it for even a honorable mention. As for C&L, I think this post is enough for disqualification (but if any blog on this list deserves donations then it's definitely Crooks and Liars because they provide a tremendous service to the blogosphere and John and Co. are much more than just videos).

...more honorable mentions to come...including my favorite right-leaning blog and blogs that make me laugh on every visit almost nearly without exception...


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