Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bill Roggio Responds (Part 1)

Bill Roggio, a milblogger who recently embedded with the troops in Iraq, took exception to my last post. To his credit, Roggio addressed some of the questions I raised and, perhaps, blasted my conspiracy theorizing out of the park, in a few comments left on my post.

Roggio also issued a challenge, of sorts:

You can leave it buried in the comments section and then I'd know what you are all about. Or you can do something unique and step outside of ideological blinders and tell the real story.

Its all up to you what you do with the information. It will reflect upon your character on how you act. You can delete the comments thread, but I'll know the truth.

Not that Roggio would know...but this won't be "something unique." Red State's Mike Krempasky did a similiar thing in February - left a comment objecting to a post - which resulted in an exchange of emails that led to a multi-part interview that cleared up some questions about Talon News/ (among other things, Krempasky discussed his dealings with the conservative fundraiser, Bruce Eberle, and "schooled the left" on Bruce's familial relationship to GOPUSA CEO Bobby Eberle: distant relatives, at best).

Roggio claimed that I'm the only blogger he responded to that wrote about the Washington Post article partially about himself:

Oh, and this is the only site I commented on. You have more information here than anyone else, even at my own site. As I said in my rebuttal to the WaPo, all of this is really mundane. But you have an opportunity to correct the record if you so wish. You can even ask follow up questions.

Mundane or not, I have more questions so I've written Bill to learn more. can check out that Haloscan thread in my last post to read what he's written so far. Roggio also told me:

You can be a playa in this whole controversy. If you wrote it up, I bet InstaPundit would link it.

My buddy, Tas at Loaded Mouth, recently experienced an "instalanche" which turned out to be more positive than he initially expected, but I'm not doing this for linkage purposes.

If I was wrong. If I was off-base. If I was unfair.

Then I'd like to correct the record.

(To be continued when I hear back from Roggio)


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