Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bob Woodward Wants a Roadmap for Blogs

On December 5th Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein participated in a forum called "Anonymous sources, lessons learned" at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

There was some media coverage here and here (Harvard here and here) but not as much as one would think. Even though Woodward is news, it seems that Glen Johnson's version of what happened (and what was "newsworthy") for the Associated Press (the first link) was commonly accepted by the mainstream media as all there is to note of it.

But it takes a blogger to pick out the part when Bob Woodward picked on bloggers:

"On the Internet - I mean look it's a problem...we gotta face it - people can say...somebody can say anything about anyone and believe me they do. And somebody's gotta come out with some way of giving at least people a roadmap and saying, 'this has reporting standards, this does not' because you go and google somebody or you google something and who knows what's going to pop out of..."

You can watch or download the video here or check back because I'm going to transcribe some of the parts that deal with the Plame case and post them here in the next day or so.

(ENDNOTE - As you're impatiently waiting for Viveca Novak's version of what she told Patrick Fitzgerald about what she told Robert Luskin to hit the Time Website sometime today - it should be here at some point but don't get fooled into thinking that "Hooray, I've been indicted" is the right article - make sure you check out Jay Rosen's long-awaited take on Bob Woodward which everyone is - rightfully - raving about)


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