Thursday, December 15, 2005

NBC Reports My Raw Story

I added an update to the last post but - just in case you missed it - my article at Raw Story - Antiwar protests monitored by U.S. Military - which built off of a Department of Defense database obtained by NBC News that lists nearly 50 peaceful protests during a ten month period that were viewed as possible "threats" led to a report on an NBC affiliate.

As I wrote yesterday:

I just got off the phone with a reporter from an NBC affiliate in Des Moines, Iowa who is planning to interview Elton Davis, a peace activist who was arrested at an anti-nuclear vigil included in the database (mentioned in my article). The August 9, 2004 vigil - for some reason - was entered into the database, months after it occurred, in November of 2004: a mystery.

Mark Tauscheck's NBC report can be accessed online at the Des Moines affiliate link: WHO TV. Just hit the link that says "Terror Watch List" and make sure you're using Internet Explorer. Although, Raw Story (and little old me) isn't mentioned in the's nice to see it reach a wider audience.

(Correction: This jealous Knicks fan wrote Elton Brand instead of Elton Davis)


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