Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Let's Just Pretend This Didn't Happen

(UPDATE - Added a link to evidence that "didn't happen")

Nothing to see here.

Move on.

Haven't you heard that the Washington Post makes "racist assumptions" and that some of their reporters think Indian tribes are "stupid?"

Why would a silly, little-known blogger called Cozumel think that anyone would listen if provided evidence that Abramoff's tribes were directed to contribute money to both political parties?

So, so silly. Who even bothers to read the news articles that renowned bloggers link to when they tell us what's what?

Jane Hamsher at firedoglake:

More reliable news organizations are quick to point out that Indian donations to Democratic candidates dropped dramatically during the Abramoff era...

Personally, I'll take WaPo any day over Bloomberg.com but what exactly was "more reliable" to Ms. Hamsher?

Abramoff's tribal clients continued to give money to Democrats even after he began representing them, although in smaller percentages than in the past.

The Saginaw Chippewas gave $500,500 to Republicans between 2001 and 2004 and $277,210 to Democrats, according to a review of data compiled by Dwight L. Morris & Associates, a Bristow, Virginia-based company that tracks campaign-finance reports. Between 1997 and 2000, the tribe gave just $158,000 to Republicans and $279,000 to Democrats.

While the percentage may have "dropped dramatically," as you can see, the Saginaw Chippewas only gave $1,790 less to Democrats in the second Presidential election cycle.

But since no one said anything when Hamsher brought it up the other day...why not keep running with it?

(time out to interject that it's an ABOMINATION that this vile, fucking race card - and I hate that term "race card" so y'know I'm pissed if I employ it - was flung against the Post on Martin Luther King Day...you used to only see this kind of shit from radical, wingnut right-wingers...congratulations to the "progressive blogosphere" for successfully emulating the right!)

The link that Cozumel wasted his/her time posting at firedoglake was to a transcript of a Committee on Indian Affair hearing held on September 29, 2004.

To sum up the parts that I'm excerpting from the testimony: Richard Milanovich, chairman of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, and Bernie Sprague, subchief of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan, testified that Jack Abramoff and Michael Scanlon provided their tribes with lists of politicians and committees to contribute campaign donations to, which they did. Mr. Milanovich specifically testified that the lists contained Republicans and Democrats.

To the best of my knowledge, these lists haven't been publicly released, yet, but when they are will the renowned bloggers apologize for attacking journalists who, undoubtedly, are more informed about this than they are?

(Update: Jeff Leen, Assistant Managing Editor, Investigative, of the Washington Post left a link during an online discussion to a portion of one such list that WaPo originally published on March 13, 2005: link. This list sent by Abramoff to the Coushatta tribe includes Democrats such as Tom Daschle and Max Cleland.)

Excerpts involving Mr. Milanovich, Mr. Sprague, Senator John McCain and Senator Daniel Inouye:

Mr. Milanovich. Sir, in our process, the budget process, we have a fiscal year beginning October 1. We ask our lobbyists to submit a proposed list of contributions that would be made in the future so they did make recommendations to particular legislators, Senators, Representatives, as well as PACs and other charitable organizations. Yes, sir.

Senator McCain. And do you know roughly how much money that was?

Mr. Milanovich. Somewhere, I do not really remember right now.

Senator McCain. Like hundreds of thousands?

Mr. Milanovich. Yes, sir.

Senator McCain. Would you submit that list for the record for us please?

Mr. Milanovich. I believe it has been submitted, sir.

Senator McCain. It has been?

Mr. Milanovich. Yes.

Senator McCain. And that is hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions recommended by Mr. Scanlon and/or Mr. Abramoff?

Mr. Milanovich. Correct.

Senator McCain. How about you, Sub-Chief Sprague?

Mr. Sprague. The Saginaw Chippewas were taken by Mr. Petras and Mr. Scanlon and Mr. Abramoff over a 2-year period of approximately $1 million in contributions.

Senator McCain. In campaign contributions?

Mr. Sprague. Campaign contributions to people we never heard of, people we knew nothing about, organizations, different things of this nature. And we will get that list to the committee of all those individuals that were donated to.


Senator Inouye. Chairman Milanovich, you indicated that you were provided with a list of candidates to support.

Mr. Milanovich. Yes, sir.

Senator Inouye. And you supported these candidates with money?

Mr. Milanovich. Some of the candidates were, it was agreed to support, make contributions to the recommendations list, yes, sir.

Senator Inouye. Were these contributions made in cash or by check?

Mr. Milanovich. By check, sir.

Senator Inouye. And how were the checks made out, to the individuals or to the campaign committees?

Mr. Milanovich. I do not recall. I do not really remember how the checks were made out, undoubtedly to the committee, though, or to the PAC, whatever it may have been.

Senator Inouye. Were the candidates Federal candidates?

Mr. Milanovich. There were some Federal candidates, yes, sir.

Senator Inouye. Were they from the State of California?

Mr. Milanovich. I do not remember. The list was long, and I questioned and the vice chairman also questioned certain names on the list because we did not know who they were. As SubChief Sprague states, there were PACs, there were charitable organizations, and we did not know who they were. We questioned, but again there was a forward movement of some tribal council members who said just approve it.

Senator Inouye. Were you told that by supporting these candidates that your tribe would benefit?

Mr. Milanovich. In so many ways, yes, sir. Sometimes they did say that we need to make these contributions in order to convince. Other times, it was a just a good organization and it will make somebody else happy.

Senator Inouye. Were you receiving any benefits from these candidates?

Mr. Milanovich. Not that I am aware of.

Senator Inouye. Have you received any since then?

Mr. Milanovich. Not that I am aware of.

Senator Inouye. Were any of the contributions made to political party organizations, like the presidential committees?

Mr. Milanovich. I do not recall a presidential committee, but perhaps the two party committees.

Senator Inouye. Democrat and Republican?

Mr. Milanovich. Yes, sir.

Senator Inouye. To the campaign committees? Were they congressional or senate campaign committees?

Mr. Milanovich. Both, sir.

Senator Inouye. Both?

Mr. Milanovich. Both.

Senator Inouye. And they were made out by check?

Mr. Milanovich. Yes, sir.

Senator Inouye. And you have the list and you can provide it to the committee?

Mr. Milanovich. It has been submitted, yes, sir.


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