Monday, January 09, 2006

Maybe Stephen Kaus Should Shut His Hole

After I wrote this first post about a military blogger I was challenged by that same blogger to "ask questions" or "shut my hole."

Even if it were possible to "shut my hole" I probably wouldn't have. But I did ask questions. And I was able to write a fair account of a right-of-center blogger unfairly treated by the press for a left-leaning news website which was linked by luminaries on the right such as Michelle Malkin, Instapundit and National Review Online.

And I'm damn proud of that.

Roggio and me...we don't agree at all about the why, what or when of the invasion of Iraq...but that doesn't mean that we must forever battle like Highlanders or something.

A half-hour ago, I was forced to sign up for an account at Huffington Post to leave a comment at an "article" written by Stephen Kaus which...basically...implies that I've been "swiftboated" (or maybe he's saying that I've helped with the "swift boating") by Bill Roggio.

Here's a link to Military Blogger Bill Roggio Swiftboats the Washington Post, which contains absolutely nothing new, no new research, no new quotes, no digging (well what not the right kind of digging) just the worst kind of knee-jerk partisan opining that there is.

It's been a few minutes and my comment hasn't appeared at Huff Post.

Good thing I saved it:

Oh please...

I certainly didn't participate in any "swift boating" when I interviewed Roggio for Raw Story.

There are so many wrong (and stupidly partisan) things in this "article" I don't know where to start (but perhaps you can start by pointing out exactly when Roggio told Hewitt in the radio show that reporters that want to embed have to get their work checked out first and approved).

If Roggio wrote that he was married to Minnie Mouse and the Washington Post wrote it up without fact-checking it I guess that would be Roggio's fault too.

I mean...gimme a break...I'm a liberal who has argued against this war since before it started...but I recognize an unfair attack when I see it.

If the WaPo writers did half the work I did they could have written an article to support their thesis....their work was shoddy...and Roggio never should have been tied to buying of Iraqi stations in the first place.

Did you even read any of Roggio's articles? Cause it doesn't seem like you did...there's a few mainstream journalists out there embedded with troops right now filing stories that are far more like the propaganda that you want to see.'s another link to my Raw Story article on Roggio, if you missed it: Washington Post ombud says paper will answer complaints about putting blogger in propaganda story. And here's a link to the correction Washington Post published the other day: link.


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