Thursday, January 26, 2006

We're Just Wild For Wildmon!

It was nearly 30 years ago today

Reverend Donald Wildmon taught the band to play.


In the spring of 1978, Wildmon announced his first boycott of advertisers. He told Sears that his supporters would boycott its stores until it withdrew sponsorship of three shows at the top of his hit list -- "Three’s Company," "Charlie’s Angels," and "All in the Family." Although his following was miniscule, Wildmon used it to maximum effect by staging demonstrations outside Sears stores in several parts of the country and in downtown Chicago in front of the Sears building itself. The boycott worked. While denying it was acting under pressure, Sears canceled its ads on "Three’s Company" and "Charlie’s Angels."

It's been going in and out of style

But it's guaranteed to raise a smile (in irony)

So let me introduce to you

The one and only Jane Hamsher:

Anyway, one of Chris's advertisers is Verizon. A lovely company I'm sure who have done absolutely nothing wrong and should be treated with the greatest respect. So great is our respect for Verizon that we have to wonder, ever so nicely, if they agree with Chris that you or me (people of the liberal persuasion) should be compared to a known terrorist and mass murderer like Osama bin Laden. Chris has now repeated this several times.

I'm sure the folks at Verizon will only appreciate your sincere concern for the organizations they are associating their products with, so look at it this way. You are doing them a big favor. Not in a Victor Davis Hanson climbing up on the rooftop with a rifle and scope and thinning out the neighborhood kind of way, but one they will most assuredly appreciate nonetheless.

Here is how you contact the fine folks at Verizon:

Wildmon has his "take action" against advertisers Website and now A-list liberal bloggers have their's.

So sad. So many brilliant thinkers (bloggers and readers) who are dangerously miscalculating these delusional media attacks.

Why not use your smarts instead?

Why not go back to what you should be doing? Digging and researching and brainstorming and justifying instead of losing your heads over other people's words.


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