Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Does It Take A 'Flawed Messenger' To Know One?

Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Adam Nagourney share discredit on the latest New York Times hit piece on Dems: Some Democrats Are Sensing Missed Opportunities.

But among more establishment Democrats, there is concern that many of the party's most visible leaders — among them, Howard Dean, the Democratic chairman; Senator John Kerry, the party's 2004 presidential candidate; Mr. Kennedy; Representative Nancy Pelosi, the House minority leader; and Al Gore, who has assumed a higher profile as the party heads toward the 2008 presidential primaries — may be flawed messengers.

In this view, the most visible Democrats are vulnerable to Republican attacks portraying them as out of the mainstream on issues including security and budget-cutting.

Dear Sheryl, Adam, and New York Times editors,

Is it too much to ask for one fucking example of how exactly former Vice President Al Gore is a "flawed messenger" and who regards him of such?

Gore's name only appears once in the article. It seems to me this is a case in which AdNags and Sheryl "I don't care that Talon News plagiarized me" Gay Stolberg should put up or shut up.


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