Sunday, February 05, 2006

George Deutsch, GOP NASA Dude

Excerpts from Buddy statue is not suitable for a presidential library by George Deutsch, GOP dude for NASA:

President Harry Truman said, "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog." But one look at the new Clinton Presidential Library exhibit on display in Little Rock, Ark., will have people thinking, " Get a life." The misguided nucleus of the still forming library will be a life size bronze statue in memory of the former first dog, Buddy. Buddy was mowed down by an SUV as he fled the Clinton's New York mansion earlier this month. The nation is understandably in shock.

The Clinton legacy, which is already shamefully and heavily tarnished, is only further degraded by this spectacle. The people behind this project have felt a legitimate need to build a shrine to a dead animal, and in a presidential library no less. This is nothing short of heresy.


What have presidential dogs contributed to this country? Except for an occasional urine stain on the Washington rug or feces by the Lincoln bedroom set, absolutely nothing. Dogs do not make important decisions.

But it gets worse. Not only does this animal have his own statue, which many great presidents do not even have, he also has his own Website: Buddy's Buddies. At the exhibit, several bouquets of roses adorn the Labrador's likeness, and a nearby table touts Buddy fan mail. Yes, some people send mail to dogs. Where is anthrax when it is needed?

From NASA Chief Backs Agency Openness by Andrew C. Revkin in today's New York Times:

In October, for example, George Deutsch, a presidential appointee in NASA headquarters, told a Web designer working for the agency to add the word "theory" after every mention of the Big Bang, according to an e-mail message from Mr. Deutsch that another NASA employee forwarded to The Times.

More George Deutsch, GOP dude for NASA and former journalism student at Texas A&M, where he wrote for The Battalion.

Excerpts from Commission findings don't contradict Bush (subtitled "Bush administration never asserted an Iraq-al-Qaida link to Sept. 11 attacks"):

Many of those following the 9-11 Commission hearings in the media have come away woefully misinformed. Newspaper headlines and published reports have misled some into thinking that the commission has found no link between Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime and al-Qaida.


But, in reality, Saddam and al-Qaida were linked, and have been since the early 1990s. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and the members of the 9-11 Commission all agree on this point. So, what gives? Why has the liberal media - which Cheney has repeatedly labeled "irresponsible" in it's reporting on commission findings - denied Iraq-al-Qaida ties?

The unfortunate but not-at-all-surprising answer is partisan politics.

Many of the left-leaning pillars of the media, such as the Post and the Times, would sooner paint Bush as a liar and the commission's findings as contradicting the Bush administration than concede any justification for war.

The ties between al-Qaida and Iraq are clear. So clear, in fact, that there is so much circumstantial evidence linking Iraq and al-Qaida that it would be hard for an informed person not to at least suspect Saddam's regime of having a hand in the attacks.

(If you missed it, I've addressed this right wing looneyness before about Iraq/Qaeda ties: 'Conversations' Between Iraq & Al Qaeda)

But don't be hard on George Deutsch, GOP NASA dude.

My man's a fan of Ludacris (Gigs):

Rumors ran rampant all week about the possible "special guests" hinted at in the advertisements for the show, but the guest performers concertgoers were treated to were far less than special. That's right: no Chingy, no Li'l John and no other high-profile performers. Fans were lucky Ludacris even showed up.


But the concert had its high points, too. Female rapper Shawna, of Ludacris' Disturbing The Peace clique, stole the show, rapping dirty enough to make Li'l Kim blush and fast enough to make Twista sit down.

I-20, another member of DTP, also had some hard-edged rhymes laden with violence and drug use. He even sported a T-shirt proclaiming "MEET THE DEALER."

Unfortunately, George Deutsch didn't mention whether or not he sang along with Ludacris' smash hit "I've got hoes in Area Codes" so we'll just have to use our imagination.

Heckuva job, Deutschie.


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