Thursday, February 02, 2006

Libby & Icky

While the usual suspects in the blogosphere (fdl, jom, tnh to name a few) already picked the latest Fitzgerald documents pretty clean, I have an article at Raw Story written with John Byrne - and intrepid R.S. researcher Muriel Kane - called Court filings shed more light on CIA leak investigation.

That's the Libby part of this post.

The latter part refers to this breathtakingly brilliant post by Atrios: Is abortion icky?.

That's the absolute best thing I read at Eschaton in quite some time. Aside from the fact that I obviously and absolutely agree with Atrios, it really reads like a lot more thought, passion and poetry went into it than most of the recent threadbare offerings.

But...hell...he might've polished it off in a few minutes. Sometimes the words just flow (not often enough or early enough to ever suit me).


Part of my point is that, along with politicians, pundits and political consultants, part of the audience Atrios is attempting to preach to happen to be BlogPAC peers.

Hence, the tone. Instead of attacking, Atrios just passionately states his case.

I really believe that's the best way to get people to listen.

Finally, not Libby or Icky but recommended all the same, mediabistro chats with Jay Rosen, and new wonkette playfully mocks the photo spread (heh...I'd have preferred to see a shot of Jay tearing into the Times with his teeth, and one with him spitting chunks out right at the camera or a picture with the professor attired as a surgeon attempting to perform surgery on a flatlining newspaper patient that obstinately and stupidly refuses to let him operate, preferring to rest its fate on the power of time and memory...but that's just crazy old me).


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