Friday, February 24, 2006

Separated At Hatch?

Washington Post Online chat with TV Columnist Lisa de Moraes from Friday, November 18, 2005:

Pittsburgh, Pa.: (apologies if this message is coming through multiple times. I kept getting an error message while trying to submit through Firefox, so now I'm trying I.E.)

What's with Mallard Fillmore mentioning Veronica Mars four times this week? Sally Forth mentioned it (and Rescue Me) also this week. Is this really a question for Gene Weingarten?

I love the show, but I'd almost rather NOT see a plot line on Mallard Fillmore about filling out petitions and stuff. It's just strange.

Lisa de Moraes: It can only be part of a sinister marketing campaign hatched by the shows's publicists to use cartoon ducks and chicks to manipulate their readers to watch their low-ish rated UPN series. Evil genius, I say, though I'm not sure the cartoon duck audience and the Veronica Mars audience are one in the same. They might better have Better had they placed the pitches in Zits...Zippy the Pinhead? And, by the way, Mallard is ill-informed in saying that the timeslot is killing "Mars." The show is getting better numbers this year than last -- 3.0 million viewers versus 2.7 million viewers at same point last season, thanks in part to its "America's Next Top Model" leadin.

Strips on Veronica Mars by Bruce Tinsley's Daffy Fillmore: link.


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