Tuesday, February 07, 2006



Another day...another leftward plunge into wingnuttery.

Media Matters, and all the bloggers linking to them on this, are attacking Time Magazine for "deceiving readers about Rove's role in Plamegate."

How did Time Magazine deceive it's readers?

By quoting the White House Press Secretary who called the accusations against Rove ridiculous.

Yeah. Those evil bastards at Time.

Let's ignore the fact that - before anyone else - Time reported about A War on Wilson in July of 2003 which strangely isn't even fucking linked to in the Media Matters article.


As in all recent left-leaning blogosphere battles (errr...well only the ones that "matter" that are approved by Media Matters or Media Matters affilliated blogs), there are certainly legitimate arguments to be made but this whole the-Media-is-always-lying-and-shilling-for-Bushie meme is nothing but mirrored wingnuttery and it's a black eye on all free-thinking liberals.

Also from the Media Matters article by J.F.:

They participated in the publication of that article, which, in reporting that "Rove was initially accused by Wilson of being the man behind the leak," implied that Rove was no longer under suspicion -- even though they all knew that Rove was, in fact, Cooper's source.




The reason why Time used the word "initially" was because Joe Wilson "initially" singled out Karl Rove but then backed away from his accusations.

If Media Matters doesn't know this...then what the fuck is the excuse of the Plame "experts" who linked to this overbaked pile of shit.


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