Friday, March 17, 2006

Link to us, you anti-military scum

An e-mail

Subject: Can we get US Central Command linked on your blog?

Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 13:30:31 -0500

From: "Flowers, SPC Claude W. (USA)"



I was checking out your blog and wanted to let you know that the US Central Command website,, features news, photos, audio and video from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. You’re welcome to use any materials you find on our site. If you’d like to receive the weekly electronic newsletter and monthly Coalition Bulletin, just let me know. I realize your site’s editorial slant is anti-military but hope the CENTCOM webpage might be a helpful resource regardless.

If you could add a link to CENTCOM, that’d be appreciated (I’m trying to spread the word about our website).


SPC C. Flowers

CENTCOM Public Affairs

My response

Dear SPC Flowers,

The editorial slant of my blog - and my philosophy - is anti-war.

As yours should be, too.

I would suggest that since you're trying to reach out to people on the left you make damn sure not to insult them...because I am certainly not anti-military.

I link to centcom,, or other sites when it's appropriate...but I see no need to permalink to them.

If you want to exchange links with my blog and link to me at centcom then I'll reconsider. Because that's how the blogosphere works: link to me and I'll link to you.


Ron Brynaert


SPC Flowers responded pretty quick and said, "No insult intended; Thanks for the clarification."

"No problem," I answered. "But I'd suggest not using that term anti-military when you contact liberal, progressive or Democratic blogs. Certainly some on the left can be characterized as that...but most of us take that (or anti-troop) as an insult."


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