Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Kurtz Links To Hate

Of course...on the Internet a link doesn't necessarily mean an endorsement...depending on the wording.

So I'm not going to attack Washington Post media critic and journalist Howard Kurtz like I did Michelle Malkin and Instapundit yesterday just for linking to a post. Kurtz doesn't link to back-up his own personal political opinions as those two do (and most bloggers, as well).

In his Media Notes Extra earlier today, Kurtz wrote:

LaShawn Barber is comparing the woman accusing the Duke lacrosse players of sexual assault to Tawana Brawley.

So it would be a stretch to call that an endorsement. I've linked to many blogs without comment like that at Raw and here which I didn't necessarily agree with.

But it's a shame that Howard Kurtz linked to Barber's post without even warning his readers that if they followed they would be taking a voyage to the slimiest cess pool that there is on the Internet: La Shawn Barber's Corner.

The great thing about Barber is that you don't have to do a lot of heavy digging to pull out the sick, twisted, hate-filled, poisonous venom. She serves a healthy dosing of each in nearly every post she writes (or spits out).

All excerpts from her repellant post, Is Duke Stripper Channeling Tawana Brawley?:

Although black-on-white rape is much more common than white-on-black rape, there’s something about the idea of a white man raping a black woman that brings out the retro speeches about slavery, white privilege, patriarchy, and the usual revisionist tirades.


Knowing that blacks would believe the woman’s story before the relevant facts emerged, I avoided blogging about it until now.


Right or wrong, an alleged rape victim’s character is always at issue. I’m not so quick to believe a woman (regardless of color) who takes off her clothes in front of strangers for a living. No one deserves to be violated, of course, but if you’re taking off your clothes and gyrating in front of a group of drunk men (regardless of color)…


Black people can be such babies, can’t we? We need to be placated and coddled like whiny toddlers.

I apologize to my readers for forcing them to read this unadulturated hatred.

Barber also is pissed that the coach quit:

The gutless, faithless coach quit for nothing, and the team’s season was canceled because of a lie.

Rape or not (and admittedly...some of the reports do indicate that the victim may not be telling the whole truth)...it is a fact that the coach's team held a wild party involving strippers.

I guess Barber thinks that this is okay for college students...that they have a constitutional right to have stripper parties on or off campus...and that the coach should have been proud of his kids.


Dr Victorino de la Vega of The Middle East Memo blog has more on Barber's post:

The Neocon’s favorite feminine “Uncle Tom” figure these days is undoubtedly La-Shawn Barber, a self described “former liberal and current renegade supporter of conservative ideals” which is a pretty accurate description…if you define “conservatism” as an ideological brew combining Billy Graham’s bigot activism and Attila the Hun’s moral ethics, or vice versa for that matter!


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