Friday, April 07, 2006

Liberal Blogger Wanted At WaPo

From my article at Raw Story, Washington Post searching for bloggers from the right and left:

This time around the Washington Post plans to hire two bloggers for its Web site.

The paper’s ombudsman, Deborah Howell, has informed RAW STORY that Jim Brady, executive editor of, is looking for a liberal blogger, along with a conservative one, to replace Ben Domenech who resigned after only three days of blogging, when his earlier writings were discovered by mostly liberal bloggers to be racially insensitive and – in multiple cases – plagiarized.

The paper doesn’t plan on making any formal announcement, but the news should be welcome to many critics on the left who felt that it was unfair to hire just a conservative blogger in the first place.

Also from the same article:

In fact, gone unnoticed in the "firestorm" is that Domenech had a commentary published in the print edition of the Washington Post back when he was only sixteen years old, while being home schooled.


RAW STORY was unable to find out more about the circumstances which led to the publishing of a teenager's column in one of the nation's preeminent newspapers, but its appearance a month after Dobson reportedly cancelled "scheduled meetings with the editorial boards of both The Washington Post and The New York Times" (World Magazine) may be deserving of future scrutiny.

Read the full article at Raw Story.


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