Thursday, April 20, 2006

Official Don't Mean True

Never in my life have I wanted a movie to bomb more than United 93, the exploitative piece of crap set to hit theaters in a few weeks (and....yes...feel free to call me a hypocrite for attacking something I haven't seen yet when I've railed against others for doing that...let's just say this is an exception).

Not because I think 9/11 is untouchable.

It's not.

But it sickens me that the filmmakers claim that their film is based on a true story and that there is nothing political about their interpretation.

Trust me. This crap won't sell in New York City. Most people that live here aren't stupid enough to think that we've been told anything close to the truth about what really happened on September 11, 2001.

I've blogged about many inconsistencies in the "official version" over the last few years...going to places where too few liberals are brave enough to go.

At the same time, I've held back in attacking some of the crazier conspiratorial stuff because I think there is nothing more democratic than asking questions and there are too many unanswered questions that the media and the Democratic Party have just ignored.

To me, the craziest thing that happened that day is the completely unfathomable breakdown in everyday NORAD protection.

I believe that the explanation has something to do with the three-to-four tests going on that day, as I've written about before.

Anyway...if I'm going to attack United 93...which I haven't even's only fair to attack "Loose Change" which I finally checked out today and turned off after the first five minutes.

Please, please, please...people out there that aren't afraid to ask questions about that horrible day...stop linking to this nonsense on Mytube and elsewhere.

It doesn't help.

And it's sad as hell that anyone would actually believe that the planes that hit the World Trade Center shot missiles or rockets first (I mean...come on...the controlled munition blasts at least is somewhat believable).

But it ain't the government's fault.

It's the cowards.

Why is it that no Democrats trust the Bush when it comes to Iraq, Iran, Plame, social security, or bike accidents but they accept the crap fed to us about 9/11?

Again...cause they're cowards.

Here's the latest "untold story of 9/11" according to Newsday:

Former federal terrorism investigators say a piece of luggage hastily checked in at the Portland, Maine, airport by a World Trade Center hijacker on the morning of Sept. 11 provided the Rosetta stone enabling FBI agents to swiftly unravel the mystery of who carried out the suicide attacks and what motivated them.

A mix-up in Boston prevented the luggage from connecting with the plane that hijackers crashed into the north tower of the trade center. Seized by FBI agents at Boston's Logan Airport, investigators said, it contained Arab-language papers revealing the identities of all 19 hijackers involved in the four hijackings, as well as information on their plans, backgrounds and motives.


A former FBI agent and a former federal prosecutor who helped direct the New England investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks told Newsday that one bag found in Boston contained far more than what the commission report cited, including the names of the hijackers, their assignments and their al-Qaida connections.

"It had all these Arab-language papers that amounted to the Rosetta stone of the investigation," former FBI agent Warren Flagg said. The former federal prosecutor, who declined to be identified publicly, supported Flagg's account.

Oh fucking please.

A certain blogger I don't link to anymore (the only one I won't) pegged it as the "second miracle bag."

More from Newsday:

"How do you think the government was able to identify all 19 hijackers almost immediately after the attacks?" Flagg asked. "They were identified through those papers in the luggage. And that's how it was known so soon that al-Qaida was behind the hijackings."

Too bad some of those hijackers are still fucking alive and well. Too bad no one seems to give a shit about that.

(Hat tip to Luke at wotisitgood4 for the Newsday link...and he links to the blogger I quoted from above who I tired of sending traffic to since he/she ripped me off too many times)


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