Monday, April 10, 2006

Random Bigots

Have you heard about the trauma that one Brian Epps went through this weekend?

It's a travesty...I tell you...

What this poor man went through for apparently no reason is so fucked up that any reasonable person would cut him some slack for something "borderline" racism for instance.

From Brian Epps' blog, Random Numbers:

For the most part, the protest was peaceful. The organizers were smarter than the idiots who set up those disgraces last week, and they passed out US flags and suggested that Mexican flags be less prominant. On the march from the Virgin of Guadelupe to City Hall, I got a lot of pics of really cute babes young women and thought that this one might do these folks some good in the PR department.

Then came the ugliness. There was a very millitant group holding provocative signs and loaded down with very angry looking young men. Some were shouting “Gringos go back to Europe!” and waving fists. Che was all over the place and the reconquista theme was all over them.

I was trying to get a good shot of a sign with Che Guevera on it when my camera was slapped out of my hand and kicked down the street. I turned to the asshole who decided he didn’t like me and found myself facing about a half-dozen Latino males approx 19-25 years old and looking like trouble.

“You got a problem, white boy?” said the thug closest to me.


When I got home I began writing a post that was, in a word, ugly. It was scathing, angry and borderline racist. When I read it through after typing it I decided that such language would be ill-advised, and instead of saving it I copied it into Notepad as a reference and decided to wait until I calmed down more to write about the protests in Dallas.

I am now out one $300 digital camera and trying very hard not to think badly of all Latinos over this incident.

Instapundit and Michelle Malkin apparently approve of this message, since they linked to the racist victim of racism.

Someone named CheezNCrackers left this comment:

I am now out one $300 digital camera and trying very hard not to think badly of all Latinos over this incident.

Nice bit of whining there, White boy. You just justified their racism.

Brian Epps responds:

Wht is that, Cheesy? I was the victim of overt racism and was frankly frightened by these thugs. A black man having a cross burned on his yard would have a hard time for a while to think of any white person favorably afterwards. It is not rational and I know that.

Fortunately, I only have to look next door for a reminder that racist thugs of this stripe are very much in the minority of Latinos. My next door neigbors are Latino if I stop and think about it. Ususlly they are just my neighbors, and good neighbors at that.

So how have I justified any racism by trying hard to not be racist after a racially charged incident?


I love it when bigots point to friends or past lovers and say I can't be racist because of these people I know or love or who know and love me and the truth is I don't ever even think about what race they are except of course when I'm trying to prove that I'm not a racist.

Sorry about your camera, dude. But writing that you're "trying very hard not to think badly of all Latinos over this incident" goes way past the border (pun intended of course) and is as racist as you can get.

And you silly...

Mr. Cheez is 100 percent correct.

You, Brian Epps, are trying to justify your bigotry by claiming that all victims of racism would react in the same way.

Um...they wouldn't.

But, aside from that, you and your right wing buddies who are linking to you on this are fools.

If your rage and racism is acceptable because of what happened to you...then it's only fair to apply the same standards to those who you've all been criticizing and attacking for the last few weeks: the "America haters."

Brian Epps, Instapundit and Michelle Malkin are okaying reverse racism. It's okay to hate if you've been hated. If any of them had principles they would realize this but they don't so it's moot.


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