Sunday, May 07, 2006

America Needs Propaganda

America needs propaganda in order to win this war, which really shouldn't even be singled out as this war, since our planet is always at war, and war depends on propaganda, and propaganda depends on war, so America is depending on propaganda.

America doesn't need nuance.

America doesn't need self-criticism.

America doesn't need anything that might dissuade or condemn or in any way distract us when we go to war, which is always.

America needs propaganda, God damn it!, and America needs a non-stop assembly line kicking out propaganda products, one by one, ten by ten, as many as it takes, and it will take quite a lot, cause the world is always at war, and we need propaganda in order to win this war, and all wars, even though we can't ever really win, since there's always more war around the corner or heading down the highway or falling out of the sky or pouring out of the open pores on every human being that has ever existed.

DRAFT HOLLYWOOD to give America the propaganda it craves and needs, Andrew Klavan opines in a column for the L.A. Times.

Strangely...Andrew Klavan, an author and screenwriter, wrote the script to a sick, little film called "A Shock To The System" with Michael Caine ("sick" being a compliment since the film rocks) about a businessman who rises in power at his firm by killing his wife and any office competitors that get in his way.

And Michael Caine even gets away with it.

"He was your superior, wasn't he?" Caine's character is asked by a policeman investigating a murder.

"No, he was my boss," Caine replies.

I guess it's okay for Andrew Klavan to write movies which attack the corporate world and employ Doestoyevskian themes to show the dark side of our culture but the late Stanley Kubrick should be ashamed of himself for making "Dr. Strangelove" because when it comes to war only propaganda for our side matters and films that can be considered in the antiwar genre are unAmerican and an aid to our enemies.


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