Sunday, May 28, 2006

Amnesty tackles Net Censorship

From my Raw Story article, Amnesty International launches Website in campaign against online censorship:

On its 45th anniversary, Amnesty International has launched a Website to combat online censorship, with the support of The Observer, a weekly British newspaper.


At net users are asked to sign a pledge "to call on all governments and companies to ensure the Internet is a force for political freedom, not repression." So far, at the time of this writing, the site claims that 6572 users have signed on.


Amnesty is also asking bloggers to "add irrepressible content" to their Websites.

"If you have a website or blog, help us spread the word and undermine unwarranted censorship by publishing censored material from our database directly onto your site," Amnesty suggests. "The more people take part the more we show that freedom of expression cannot be repressed."

Website owners and bloggers can download html code at the Irrepressible Website which will allow new content to "appear each time a page is loaded."

"China has a competent overseas network of informers that regularly report dissident activities to its intelligence services in Beijing," reads one example of such content.


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