Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bring On The Guest Bloggers!

Six invitations to guest blog have been sent out.

I'll wait for each to post before introducing them...but they're all familiar names at this blog: three bloggers I'm friends with, a longtime reader, and two others who may be blogging under different names (mystery guest bloggers).

I'm busy on a story which will keep me busy the next few I've pushed back the template redo (maybe next weekend) but one thing that will change is that only the first two paragraphs of posts will be seen on the homepage.

It's up to the guest bloggers how often they want to post here...and although I already have a full crew...I'd still like to add a couple more...including another female blogger (so far 6 of the 7 - including me - are male) and a conservative (a free-thinking Republican whom can dialogue with the left but also be counted on to outrage liberals from time to time). I also intend to "commission" posts now-and-then from other friends I have in the blogosphere or media or elsewhere.

Anyway. This blog's about to become a "We" for real.


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